Warranty and Returns

Warranty and Returns

Sansoms Furniture One offer a vast variety of product from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers. Each supplier provides their own warranty and is responsible for servicing of their own product. As a consumer you are entitled to have any goods repaired or replaced if they have been found to be faulty for the purpose in which they were intended. This is at the discretion of the supplier of the product and for a major failure, these goods may be replaced, or the cost of the goods be refunded.

Each product will display the warranty period in the features section of the product description, and the commencement date of the warranty period is from the purchase date of the product. If you are offered a replacement product as part of a warranty claim, the warranty period continues from the original purchase date, not the date you received a replacement.

Every supplier to Sansoms Furniture One warrants their products against faults in manufacturing processes or defects in the materials used. This applies to each product, to the original purchaser of the product. The warranty is not transferrable to another party. It also excludes products that have been mistreated and used for a purpose in which they were not intended or for commercial use.

Other situations where a warranty does not apply:

  • Damages caused by normal wear and tear, including fading or pilling of fabric
  • Damage caused by improper use or negligence treatment or storage of the product
  • Damage caused by modifying a product or incorrect assembly
  • Damages caused by Acts of God
  • Body impressions or body signatures to mattresses or sofa seat and back cushions where the indentation is less than 32mm
  • Defects to any product that was sold as is condition


If you believe that a product you have purchased is faulty, please download our claim form and email it to our customer service team. You’ll need to include a copy of your receipt as part of your claim.

Refund Policy

If any of our items are deemed to be manufactured with major faults you are entitled to a replacement or refund. You are also entitled for the items to be repaired or replaced if they are deemed to be of acceptable quality, but the faults are not major.

NOTE: All faults are to have occurred because of poor materials or manufacturing processes. If an item is misused or used for other purposes than intended and there is a fault, you are not entitled to a refund.

You are also not entitled to a refund if you have chosen incorrectly, or if you simply changed your mind or have a change of circumstances.